Monday, August 27, 2012

It's about doing whatever you like, regardless of what is expected

It's something nobody wants to admit but the best season in New York is summertime. Sure, when it's 105 degress in the shade all you wish for is a pool... but there are so many things to do in NYC in summer and fewer people to do them. Since I love seeing new places in the city I sometimes just enjoy being a tourist and discovering parts of the city I haven't seen yet.
This time I explored Roosevelt Island which is the antithesis to Midtown's hustle and bustle. I couldn't believe how quiet it was, so relaxing that I had the feeling I was miles away from the city. The best thing about my trip was the way to get to this special island - I had to take the tramway over the East River which provided me with a stunning view of the city streets, the river and the bridge. Hope you will enjoy the scenery as much as I did!

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