Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh, the Places you'll go!

Now here comes my second post about the Miami trip, this time some city shots of South Beach. As you can see Miami is a city to fall in love with and I seemed to be having a lot of "OMG" moments there. Even the cemeteries were beautiful! The streets are not as crowded as the New Yorker ones and it's a simply fantastic feeling to run around all day with nothing on but flip flops and your bikini. I love the Miami lifestyle, it's so laid-back and the people seem to be so much more relaxed than the busy and sometimes snotty New Yorkers.
In Miami it's all about showing off so I wasn't really surprised when we went for lunch or dinner at an Ocean Drive restaurant, having a great time while hundreds of luxurious cars passed us - Bentley, Rolls Royce, Maserati, Aston Martin - show me what ya got! I wish I could post some photos of the amazing clubs we've been to, however, they unfortunately got stolen with my cam. But let me tell you this - partying in Miami is insane!  
By the way, I appeared in this article of the German lifestyle magazine JOY (click here) , take a look if you would like to check out my favorite summer look (just click through the gallery)!
I am also writing for JOY magazine now (in German though), you can find the link to my articles on the right side of this blog or simply click here.

Kim Kardashian's store Dash

Miami Ink tattoo artist Yoji Harada

Miami Ink tattoo studio

Gianni Versace's mansion on Ocean Drive

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