Monday, August 6, 2012

Rocking the Everglades

Dear readers, as you might have noticed I usually do not expose my personal characteristics or feelings on this blog...
However, I have to admit that one weird thing about me is that I don't really have any fears - seriously, I could not tell you one thing I'm scared of - I'm not afraid of heights (I think I'm gonna go skydiving soon), nor speed (love jetskiing, riding motorcycles and fast cars), I'm neither worried about the future nor any bad things that could happen to me. I know it may sound awkward, I think it is mostly my optimism carrying me through life that makes me think everything will turn out good at the end.
As you can see, I'm not afraid of any kinds of animals either - rats, spiders, snakes, whatever - this time a little alligator made my heart beat faster - not because it is able to bite my hand off, more because it was such a great experience to hold a wild animal I usually don't find on the New Yorker streets.
While staying in Miami, my sister and I decided to go on an air boat cruise through the Everglades and we had such a marvelous time speeding through the untouched nature, gazing at alligators and huge turtles, and exploring the wilderness!

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