Friday, August 31, 2012

Now or never

I like my life...except when it sucks! Please don't get me wrong- I have a quite fabulous life. I am independent, live in one of the world's greatest cities, and can basically do whatever I want because I don't have a lot of responsibilities at this point. My life is adventurous and exciting, and I get to see new things in and around New York City almost every second day, hands down - it's pretty awesome!
However, even easy-going girls like me have to eventually plan their future... sucks! Thank god (or destiny in which I more believe) that I can also be a very organized, disciplined person who willingly plans the next steps in her life. Right now I get a strange feeling realizing that I am still so far away from my dreams, yet every step I take feels like the last one. I've been self-reflecting a lot lately to find out what I really want for my future since I find myself stuck in a situation filled with doubts and crossroads. Study in New York or my home country Germany? 
When I look at these pictures I just posted - taking a walk at the beach, admiring Louboutins at Saks, visiting the Macy's Flower Show and dining at the superb Russian restaurant called "Mari Vanna" I clearly favor NYC... I definitely have to decide what is best for me and what I want to reach in life.
Now or never!

Macy's Flower Show

Mari Vanna

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