Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After the Rain comes Sunshine

Hey guys, after hurricane Sandy rolled over New York last Monday, we are finally getting back to normal a week later. You have most likely heard of the terrible Sandy aftermath - whole houses swept away by the water, thousands of homes flooded and without power, not to mention heat, tunnels and bridges closed due to the high wind and water inflow. You see, the Big Apple has suffered a lot, I actually felt excluded from the rest of the world as well as thousands of other New Yorkers. Isn't it astonishing how we just take things for granted? I truthfully did not appreciate electricity as much as I do now after living without hot showers, internet, light or charging my phone for days. Last Tuesday I celebrated my birthday in the middle of the storm - thanks to my wonderful boyfriend I even had a luminous birthday cake in the dark of New York City! I also missed all kinds of mass transit (thank God they reopened the subways!) because I couldn't go to Manhattan for days! Believe me, that was one of the minor problems though... thousands of people in and around New York lost their homes and some even family members. God bless all the victims, I hope they will find the hope, strength and courage to carry on with their lifes and will be able to restore their homes!
Now today's post might come across as inappropriate because of the colorful pictures but I hope you still enjoy these first photos of my recent vacation in Orlando, Florida (before Sandy, now that was a surprise when I came back - a hurricane waiting for me in New York). I promise you will get to see some more sunny shots the next couple days - mostly impressions of Disney World - I am just insanely busy lately with the hurricane, the election going on (next time I post we will have a new president!) and preparing my departure - it's going back to Germany soon, boo-hoo!

The fabulous hotel we stayed in

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