Friday, November 16, 2012

Turn your Body to the Flow

Happy Birthday Tenjune, one of the former hottest clubs in the Meatpacking District, turned six years old a couple weeks ago - time to celebrate!
In retrospect I have the craziest memories of this club because this is where it all started! Tenjune was one of the first clubs in Manhattan we used to celebrate at, we had the most unforgettable and epic nights at this spot (ok, well except for the ones at the Thirsty Turtle) and met wonderful people here who also enriched our life besides the clubbing scene, some of them became our best friends. So today you get to see some photos of my last night with my sister at Tenjune (she left New York the week after). A triumphant finale, guest DJ Lil Jon rocked the house with an eclectic mix of house and hip hop, the underground club was brilliantly decorated with hundreds of balloons hovering above the partygoers and all our friends got back together to say goodbye (of course a lot of crying was involved, dammit!).
I also included some pictures of last year, when my other best friends were still living in New York - Gosh, how I miss these times - Yea Nina, Eva and Yasemin, it's not really fun without you and I also haven't been back to Penn Station since you've been gone! So after Nina left I went back to Tenjune, but you know... without the girls it's not the same ;-)

Lil Jon performing for the birthday party

Tenjune one year ago

Pictures 4 and 9 via

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