Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fashionable Brooklyn People

Dear readers, this post is mostly for all the Vintage-lovers and flea market-fans out there - today you get to see some shots of the famous Brooklyn Flea!
A couple weeks ago I visited the unique flea market in Williamsburg, perfectly located on the waterfront, which features hundreds of top vendors of antique furniture, extravagant collectibles, vintage clothing, as well as a marvelous selection of fine jewelry, art, and crafts created by local artists and designers, let's not forget the delicious fresh food. On top of all that you meet the most fashionable people in this part of Brooklyn, a true paradise for street style photographers! I really loved the exceptional pieces the vendors sold, it is amazing what creative heads are able to fabricate, plus everyone was in a joyful mood on this sunny day which even reinforced the sense of community amongst creative people, vendors and customers!

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