Monday, November 26, 2012

Swagga like Us

If you follow the latest fashion trends (which the majority of you does) you have most likely heard of  the "SWAG style" - the amazingly cool, laid-back, extraordinary mix of Sexy With A bit of Gangster!
The look is mostly defined by cool hats, bold jewelry, extravagant combinations of clothes, popping colors, eccentric sneakers, extreme low cut denim, statement shirts, unusual make up and of course hot looking chicks and guys. Some fashionable people might see it as an excuse used by thugs and hipsters to justify their unique style and messed up color matching they wear. I personally adore this look, I wish I was a little bit cooler aka "gangsta", you know - walking in a swaying motion, wearing those crappy hats sideways, partying hard every single night and wearing my pants half way down - but I am just an ordinary girl, boohoo!
But what does SWAG exactly mean?
Let me quote one of my good friends who defines swag as follows: "I think swag is the expression of the 'inner you' through your external appearance. Some people dress because it looks good on them or it's expensive or because others do it... that's style. Swag (for me at least) is the ability to express who you are through your clothes and your appearance. If you are a lazy person and you go clubbing and people still perceive you as a lazy person because you're wearing a simple black v-neck half destroyed t-shirt but you look better in it than some guy in suit or shirt, then you got swag. For me: swag is not a lifestyle... your lifestyle has swag."
Nowadays you can literally use this word in any way you want: 'I just fell down, lol, SWAG.' 'I live in swagtown' 'Hey guys, just woke up, SWAG.' 'That movie was so SWAG.' 'I just finished brushing my teeth, SWAG.' 'Turn my SWAG on' 'Lol, I got kicked out of class, SWAG.' - what a 'SWAGNIFICENT' overused word!
You see, SWAG is not only a look, it also defines a lifestyle! Listening to ultra tight rap, hanging out with the most beautiful and cool people in town, driving the car of your dreams, bottle poppin and doing the Dougie at the hottest clubs, getting a tattoo (or 5, or 10) - I guess you can say this lifestyle has swag. So today you get to see exactly ten things that add a little swagga to my life.











 All pictures taken by me except for the first pic (via supersayinswag)

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