Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Do you ever wonder what your Life looks like through someone else's Eyes??

Dear readers, I have been crazy busy lately with packing for my flight back to Germany (so much stuff I have at home after two years in the USA), organizing my life and spending time with my boyfriend who's trying to show me as many wonderful things in NewYork as he can before I leave the Big Apple, therefore I didn't find the time to post much the last couple days. Don't get me wrong, I love this blog and working on it is one of the most relaxing moments in my life. Whenever I find the time to sit down and write or look at the all the marvelous pictures I take in New York City I reminisce about all the fantastic I have experienced during the last two years that I have lived in the city that never sleeps. Tonight I even took an hour just for myself to write a longer post!
So a couple days ago this question popped up in my mind: Do you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else's eyes?
Well, I do! I care a lot about the way other people see me (to be honest, I care about it way too much)!
So I guess this is what my life might look like to my readers... I am a young girl who dared to leave her family, friends and her home country to change her life by moving to the USA, more precisely New York City, a girl who is living life to the fullest since then - including shopping, clubbing, dining at the fanciest restaurants, seeing the most fantastic New Yorker sights, vacationing in longed-for destinations like Miami, Los Angeles or Vegas and being happy all the time. I think this is pretty much what I reveal about myself. And I do agree, I have seen more amazing things, met more interesting people and experienced greater things than ever before - in short, my life has definitely been more exciting than ever before since I came to New York!
But still, there are a lot of moments when I doubt myself, when I question the sense of my life, when I ask myself if I do everything right and when I think I do not have enough - I could be richer, prettier, happier and smarter.
Now stop! You all must think "Whaaat, now this girl should go see a therapist"! And you know what, sometimes this is exactly what I'm thinking!
There are millions of people out there who don't care about having the latest iPad or where they should dine with their friends tonight (either the hot Sushi place or the cozy French restaurant) or whether they should rather buy the Michael Kors coat instead of the fabulous Yves Saint Laurent manteau - simply because they don't know if they will survive today!
These people are worried about starving or dying of thirst, some of them have to escape from rebels who are after them to take their kids and rape them, some people have been sitting in cells, getting tortured every single day for no reason, without having seen anything but the inside of their prison in years, some others don't even have the right to receive education or express their opinion unless they don't mind getting the death penalty. So many things that are unusual and extraordinary to them, things we take for granted every day, that we sometimes don't even appreciate!
Now how would my complaints look to them? My hair isn't shiny enough, my stomach could be flatter, I could speak five languages instead of only three, I need to save money for the Miu Miu bag I always wanted, why couldn't I attend this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show just like last year? (Note: I just named the most superficial problems I have, I don't occupy myself with these things every day, I also have "real" problems) Conclusion: My problems must seem insanely ridiculous to those people, persons who don't have anything and are left behind.
Moral of this post: SHUT UP, Laura! Your life is pretty much phenomenal and even if there are hard times, there is really nothing to complain about! Go out, see those countries and people who struggle with their life every day, go out and help them or write about them so other (more educated, wealthier and responsible) people learn about their issues. 
So I don't know if you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else's eyes but after I asked myself this question I realized that I should be more than happy with everything I have and appreciate even the tiniest things that most often count the most!
...Now that was a whole lotta text tonight - now it's time for you to lean back and (hopefully) enjoy these pictures of Williamsburg, taken in Brooklyn with my fantastic new DSLR camera (yes, I AM lucky and grateful - thank you my lovely boyfriend for this awesome birthday present)! See, nothing to complain about!

The fabulous Rita Ora

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