Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Days in NYC

So here we go again... I'm back in Germany, boohoo! Luckily and very surprisingly, the weather here is actually not too bad - thank God, because the last couple days I spent in New York felt like summer.
I can't believe how many amazing things I experienced in the United States again. I went to SCOPE, an ultra cool art exhibition in the city, I attended the HOLI Festival, I walked two different bridges to Manhattan, I met Leonardo DiCaprio (!) and the gorgeous singer Cassie at one of my favorite clubs, Catch, I relaxed at the beautiful beaches on Long Island and even took an unforgettable weekend trip to Atlantic City in New Jersey. So many things that I'll forever cherish showed me again how much I adore New York. 
However, life goes on and I had to fly back to Germany to eventually get my stuff together for university. Young and wild and free? Back to reality, I can't be on vacation forever, let's do it!

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