Sunday, April 21, 2013

This is where the Harlem Shake comes from

It's Sunday... and I don't really have much to do, which is very unusual for my Sundays! Other than blogging and working out, I've been spending the day in bed trying to figure out what to do with my life. Believe me, guys, there's nothing to do in my German hometown, NOTHING! When I look out of the window I see nature and houses and that's it. There's not a single person on the street showing me that there are people living here. So it's time for a new post, a post about New York City which seems like a place sooo far away, so out of reach right now even though it's been only a week since I left the Big Apple.
However, New York lives in my memory AND my blog. I hope you enjoy these pictures of Harlem, the notorious but fabulous neighborhood in the northern section of Manhattan, and I can tell: I loved this neighborhood! Not only because it's mainly African-American and therefore culturally very diverse but also because you can feel the vibes of this culture throughout the whole neighborhood.  
Harlem Shakers, here we go!

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