Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The New Museum Experience

Hey guys, I apologize for overwhelming you with arty pictures but I just can't stop! I went to so many cool museums and art exhibitions while I was in NYC that I felt need to be shared with you. I'm pretty sure some of you read my blog due to the cultural input thus I always try to feed your creative minds and fill them with new ideas.
This time you get to see some shots I took at one of the Big Apple's most famous delis, Katz's Delicatessen, where we went to eat their fabulous sandwiches before checking out the New Museum on Manhattan's edgy Lower East Side. I can't believe how many art pieces I saw which challenged societal norms and revealed the dark side of mankind. There was a number of paintings and sculptures I took photos of that I couldn't post on my blog cause they were kind of, well, disturbing... you know, naked people, drugs, violent pictures or things you just don't talk about. The only uncommon picture I felt I could post without leaving you mentally disturbed is the eighth picture which shows a Puerto Rican murder scene on display. However, for me as a hardcore kid it was more than interesting and also challenging to understand these pieces and the thought behind it, I simply loved it! There were quite a lot of samples though that I could definitely release to the public, so check out these wonderful pics!

Going for dinner at Katz's

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