Sunday, April 6, 2014

Palm Trees in the Port

Dear readers, I got back to Germany about a week ago and I'm already fed up with this weather! I live in the North of Germany, where I moved to study, and since I am back from Mallorca I have rarely seen the sun - just another reason why I escape my home country so often, haha.
However, I already booked my next flight back to my favorite island, until then I will be quite occupied with my new classes anyway.  I absolutely adore my new courses, from now on I'm gonna learn how to design websites, how to shoot and cut movies with the proper programs and also how to design magazine layouts. But, on top of all that, my new favorite class is photography! Yes, I'll finally learn how to take photos like a pro ;-)
To be honest, I'm grateful for having a good eye for special sceneries and objects because that already helps a lot, I have never learned how to photograph professionally though. So from now on I'll get to know all about the right light settings, angles and shooting modes, woohoo!
Since the weather in Germany is not as pleasant as the endless Mallorquin sunshine, I will keep posting a few more photos I took on the Balearic island. You can also look forward to some shots of my Barcelona trip that I took in March, I still haven't found the time to post about it yet.
So here we go, enough said, enjoy the pics ;-)


  1. Your course sounds amazing - you'll be unstoppable with those skills!

    Where is your sister's blouse from? I love it!

    Can't wait to to see what you guys got up to in Barcelona xx

  2. Your photos look great seriously! I wanna learn how to take good pictures like a pro too! Hope I can do that this summer :)


  3. Beautiful pictures and "welcome back" in grey Germany.

    Liebe Grüße aus München,


  4. I would like also to learn about taking photography! Everything is more beautiful with the sun!! I like your photos very much!!

  5. Beautiful - Paul

  6. Hi Laura!!
    after days of raining this weekend we had an amazing weather on the island!!!!! summer is just around the corner you see..hahahahha
    Glad to know you are learning loads of things at University!!make the most of it!!! and then share your tips and so on in photography!!!jajajajaj
    So, are you going back soon??? GREAT!!!!!
    kisses darling!

  7. Was für ein wunderschöner Ort!!! Wie schön das du da Leben kannst :-) Ich freue mich immer sehr über deine schönen Bilder

    FOLLOW MY BLOG / Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  8. oh wow, ich bin neidisch!
    & tolle outfits :)

    Nathalie von Fashion Passion Love ♥

    ps. bei mir gibts grad ein marc jacobs parfüm zu gewinnen. mach mit wenn du magst :)

  9. wunderschöne (:

  10. looking great :)) beautiful pics!


  11. Lovely photos! Super cute casual looks! I also really love your friends necklace! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, I'm following not on FB and GFC- hope you will too!

    i can’t afford my lifestyle

  12. Oh photography!?? I'm jealous! Wish I took a course instead of just pointing and shooting amateur style! lol...Hope you can teach us a thing or two on some future posts!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog love, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  13. Love your guys' outfits :) So cute!
    And you're so lucky to be living in Germany! My husband lived there before, but I've never been !

  14. Amazing outfits girls!!

    New post!! I wait you :) Kiss

  15. Such a pretty sharing! All the locations shown above are amazing and determine the viewers to visit them. I love to travel around such kind of nature attractions. After reading this blog I wish to visit this beautiful Balearic Island. I want to go there after my boston dc bus tour. Suggest me what time will be best to visit this Island.

  16. love your photos so much girl :D ahh you make me really wanna go travel right now...too bad i'm still stuck in school haha!


  17. Love Mallorca! Great pics and outfits, specially love the palm trees tee!

  18. Gorgeous photo's, I'm so jealous !
    Check out all of the Coachella fashion at ❤
    Kisses XOXO

  19. Both of these looks are so cute!

  20. Woow, die Fotos sind wunderschön! Da kriegt man gleich Laune auf Urlaub! :-)

  21. woow, what an amazing place, you have taken some amazing snaps! and love both your styles

  22. Mallorca its a very beautiful place!!! Good photos. Kisses (andthank you for your visit),

  23. Hi Schatz, die Bilder aus Barcelona sind ja wirklich ein Knaller, muss ich mit Judith auch mal hin.Der Torrent de Pareis aus der anderen Richtung sieht wirklich heftig aus.Das hast du mit "Turnschuhen" geschafft... Respekt. See you soon. Your Daddy.


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