Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vacation Remix

Hey guys, sorry for being quite aloof lately, I got a visitor over from Mallorca so I'm playing tour guide in Germany, haha!
Hope you all had a great week so far, mine has been awesome. I had a wonderful weekend at the beach and also in Hamburg, Germany's second biggest city, plus we are shooting a short movie in school now so the last few days have been pretty crazy.
Today you get to see some last snapshots of my Mallorca vacation before I will start posting about my trip to Barcelona
By the way, those last few photos were taken in the Cuevas del Drach, an amazing natural cove located in Porto Cristo. Once you enter this magical place you feel like you're wandering through a fantasy movie à la Lord of the Rings. And you know what's the most special part of this enchanting place? Once you're in the middle of the coves they switch off the lights and you get picked up by tiny boats that are lit up playing a classic concert for you, now how romantic is that?
Hope you all enjoy this colorful remix!


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