Thursday, October 30, 2014

Big Apple Shots

Hey my lovely readers, today I leave you a post filled with lots of Big Apple shots that I collected over the last few years while I lived in New York City. During my "imaginary photographer career" many people told me that I got an eye for details, and this post shows that pretty well, I'd say. You know, when I'm walking through the city the weirdest things catch my attention - stickers on walls, scooters adorned with sequins, scissors on trees and coffins on the street! Coffins? You heard me right, in NYC anything is possible - people put the most awkward things in the weirdest places.
I took these pictures during one of my infamous "photo tours" through the city. Participants: Just me and my cam... well and my eye for details. I didn't even own a SLR camera back then, just a regular digital cam, and still managed to take pretty unusual pics.

Hope you get the chance to check out New York City's unique vibes yourself some day (that means if you're not already a lucky New Yorker citizen). Enjoy the pics ;-)

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