Monday, October 13, 2014

Loving Central Park

Hey there! I hope you all had a wonderful Monday!
Today's post is about one of the world's most famous parks - Central Park in New York City! It's a must see in Manhattan, a perfect place to relax and come down when you can't stand the busy New Yorker streets anymore ;-) That's what we did during our NYC trip in September, after some sightseeing we walked down Fifth Avenue to take a break in Central Park. Let me tell you, there are 5 things you will definitely see in this park:
1. Squirrels
2. Horse carriages
3. A newly wed couple
4. Bubble makers, street dancers or painters
5. Running or skating athletes

I think these are the typical Central park "visitors" ;-) The park just offers you so many different activities, therefore it always attracts street artists, tourists, and New Yorkers who just wanna work out. The most romantic I have ever done in Central Park was a boat ride about two years ago (click here to check it out). I felt like someone put me in a movie, it was unforgettable!
I hope you will all go on your very own "Central Park Adventure" when you come to New York City one day ;-)

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