Friday, October 31, 2014

Oh, those New Yorker Party Nights - Part I

Hey there, it's Friday, woohoo! Since I'm gonna post some photos of my New Yorker past that you haven't seen yet next week, I thought a party post might be a great idea. During the two years that I lived in NYC, my girls and I went out so much, wearing different dresses and glam outfits every night, that I'm sure you would love to see. When I went back to New York last month, people told me that some of the clubs we used to hang out at are closed now. I felt kinda sad and my New Yorker past never felt so "far away"! So many fun weekends, unforgettable nights, incredible people and awesome music... 
Clubbing in New York hasn't changed much to be honest. You can still party with celebs (such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Paris Hilton who we met), there are still promoters who drag you to their tables and pour champagne BUT there are a lot more au pairs at the clubs now, haha!
I really enjoyed being back and hanging out with my New Yorker friends again in September. So with this post and the next one I'm paying homage to all our crazy, fantastic, memorable Manhattan party nights in our sexiest dresses and highest heels - cheers!

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