Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello there, Manhattan!

Hey guys, hope you all had a marvelous Monday! Are you planning a NYC trip in the near future or some day in your life? Today I'll tell you all about the best spots to admire the skyline - Hello there, Manhattan!

  1. Staten Island Ferry: I took the first photos you can see in this post on the ferry. It provides you with a perfect view of Lower Manhattan, the Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty! Plus, the ride from Manhattan to Staten Island and back is free, woohoo!
  2. Brooklyn Bridge Park: This park is surely one of my favorite New Yorker spots, not only because they have romantic movie nights in summer ;-) If you cross the Brooklyn Bridge walking (which we did here), you will already have a great view from there. Once you get to Brooklyn Bridge Park you will be rewarded with a stunning view of the skyline and some relaxing lawns. You can see the park and the wonderful view in these last few photos. Note: It's even more breathtaking at night!
  3. The Piers in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) and Long Island City (Queens): Hipster hoods and relaxing spots with a great view, can you ask for more?
  4. Roosevelt Island: One of my favorite islands around Manhattan and the best thing about it is... you can get there with the Roosevelt Island tram that takes you over the East River! So you don't just get an amazing view of the skyline but also of the Manhattan streets from above! (Check out my posts about Roosevelt Island by clicking here)
  5. Hoboken (New Jersey): A lovely place in Jersey, quiet and peaceful, just perfect to admire the skyline! You can easily get there with the PATH train. Note: I celebrated the Fourth of July there, which was incredible! The views of Manhattan's skyline with the fireworks are just unbeatable! (See the pictures here)

I hope you'll all get to enjoy one of these places at least once! If you have any questions regarding traveling to New York or non-tourist spots, feel free to ask me ;-) Enjoy the photos!

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