Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mallorca's got me back

Hey guys, I'm sorry you didn't hear from me in such a long time. I escaped to Mallorca for ten days and didn't take my laptop. And let me tell you, it is very relaxing not being connected to the rest of the world for a while ;-) I always love being back on Mallorca, I'm so relaxed and calm on this island. I don't think about school or my future or worry about anything - I just live and enjoy every day as it comes. Doing nothing can be so seductive, haha. Mallorca spoils me with great weather most of the time and now that it's November there's no one on the streets so the island is even more peaceful and calm than usual.
Today you get to see some pics my sister and I took in Alcúdia, where I live with my boyfriend whenever I come to Mallorca. The place where we took the photos is one of my favorite spots in town. The canals flowing through Alcúdia are right next to the beach and they are just magical, especially when the sun sets.
Hope you enjoy the pics in my new leather pants from H&M, I just love them! :-)

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