Saturday, November 29, 2014

To travel is to live

To travel is to live... that's how I feel at least when I travel ;-) And with this quote I'll start my new post. Today I'll take you to some of Mallorca's most magical places - Banyalbufar and Son Marroig.
I always try to find some new spots on Mallorca that I can explore with my boyfriend. Luckily he hasn't seen most of them even though he grew up on this island, haha. Whether it's on Instagram, Facebook or blogs, there's a lot of Mallorquin people posting about their beloved island and its wonderful hidden spots. One of them is Banyalbufar...
Banyalbufar is a charming small town hidden in the mountains and located right next to the ocean. The romantic little houses are surrounded by beautiful terraces and fields, and wherever you go you have a stunning view of either the ocean or the town. Now in November most of the restaurants and shops are closed but it's still worth going there just to sit by the sea or explore the abandoned town. This is what we did, just the two of us and this romantic place - that's why I feel alive when I'm traveling. I get to discover new places with my boyfriend, I'm close to nature and I'm not worrying about anything!

The second place we explored that day was Son Marroig, a place that simply took my breath, for real!
I've heard so many times about this place, I just had to check it out myself. So we stopped by Son Marroig on our way home, it's not far from Banyalbufar. Since we were late we missed the tour of the mansion (I didn't even know they had one!) and to the famous peninsula "Na Foradada". Since they were about to close it was just the two of us in this beautiful garden that leads you to a temple right by the ocean, on top of the mountains... never did I expect something so beautiful! The manor provides you with an amazing view of the ocean - wow, wow, wow! I was speechless, and no photo can capture the beauty of this moment. Of course we had to watch the sunset, how could it be any different? It was the perfect romance, like a movie that is just too kitschy :-D

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