Monday, November 10, 2014


Squishy monster sculptures, fashion pills in oversize, glitter statement paintings, candy guns, glamorous horses and a huge 3D graffiti - welcome to SCOPE!
Today you get to see a colorful mix of my favorite pieces at the largest art fair in the world. I went to see the SCOPE art show in New York City in March 2013. And I was totally amazed by all the contemporary art pieces, how can one be so overly creative? Whether the artists depict urban environment, celebrate the art of graffiti, or send comical yet cynical messages with statement paintings - each and every sculpture or painting is a master piece!
I was so overwhelmed with all the mixed media sculptures, the decadent works - both sweet and scary - that I didn't know where to look!
You can visit the SCOPE art shows in Miami, New York, Basel, London and the Hamptons - they reunite the latest visual trends of  many artists and high-class galleries such as Fabien Castanier Gallery or Evan Lurie Gallery.
Seriously, some day, if I ever get the chance to make a lot of money, I'm gonna buy a gallery! Or I'll just turn my house into a gallery! Wherever I go, I always visit museums and galleries and no matter whether it's classical or contemporary art, it always leaves me speechless! 

PS: Check out their website by clicking here for more info and photos ;-) 

Artist: Scott Hove

Artist: Rero

Artist: Alex G. Cao

Artist: Erik Jones

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