Friday, April 10, 2015

Cuba Diary - Colors of Trinidad

Hello there, everyone! It's Friday and I'm pretty sure you're all excited about the weekend! So why not start the day with a colorful post, number four of my Cuba diary series :-)

Too many people recommended Trinidad so how could we miss it? We were not disappointed, it's totally worth a visit and very tourist-friendly!
We arrived at Trinidad on the sixth day of our vacation. A bus ride from Cienfuegos for about 6€ and one and a half hours later we were "welcomed" by a bunch of Cubans trying to get our attention by shouting at us "Casa, taxi". I felt a little awkward, almost like a celebrity, surrounded by all these people trying to take my hand or sell me stuff. So we were quite overwhelmed leaving the bus but quickly left the station to look for a house. After taking a look at a couple of rooms we decided to spend our first night in a very colorful house for only 15€ per night.

After relaxing a little in our "Barbie room", we decided to take advantage of the fresh afternoon air and stroll through the historical center of Trinidad. Havana is colorful, Trinidad is even more! It is such a cozy, warm and welcoming town, pretty small but very charming thanks to its pretty houses and cobblestone streets. Since we didn't wanna eat in one of the numerous tourist restaurants we bought some cucumbers, tomatoes and bread, and created our dinner - our first (and very dry) sandwich on Cuba, haha.

The first sound in the morning was the cry of a cock at 4am (don't expect to be able to sleep in!), followed by the clip-clop of horses' hooves on the streets and the cries of old men selling crackers or bread from bicycles. That next morning we had to find a new house because the room we stayed in had been booked in advance. Fortunately the house owners have connections so we spent our second night in Trinidad just a block away at a neighbor's house. After leaving our suitcase there we walked to the centre to find a cab that would take us to the beach. My first time in a 50's Pontiac! Once in a while you have to convince yourself you’re in the 21st century when visiting Cuba!
And where did we go? More pics on the blog soon ;-)

On the road to Trinidad

Cuba's vast nature is simply impressive!

We mostly traveled by bus, the Viazul is one of the cheapest and most comfortable ones

The first day in Trinidad

Our home in Barbie colors for the first night

Our second and very spacious home in Trinidad

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