Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cuba Diary - ¡Hola Varadero!

Hey peeps, how is everything? Hope you're all enjoying your weekend! I just finished preparing my last posts about Cuba and packing for my next trip back to Mallorca. I spent five weeks in my home country Germany because the semester started and I had some stuff to do. Can't wait to escape to Mallorca again, I miss the summer weather... and my Mallorquin boyfriend ;-)

Anyway, today's post is about Varadero, one of Cuba's more touristy spots. Since we found a really nice, big apartment for only 20CUC (~20€) there, we decided to stay four days, the longest we have stayed in any place on Cuba. We just wanted to relax for a while, after traveling for two days from Cayo Coco to Varadero with a stop in Santa Clara, we were just tired of running around.
Varadero, as one of Cuba's largest resort areas, has a little bit of everything - big hotels, restaurants, beaches, a pretty town with lots of tourist shops, and lovely houses. Unfortunately it's a little hard to get some fruit, bread or any snacks unless you wanna pay 8€ for some yogurt in one of the tourist supermarkets - yes, we did and ouch, it hurt! That was the first time we had yogurt in two and a half weeks though, so it was worth the money. I actually thought the yogurt was 50 cent, that's what it said on the price tag, but every single effin yogurt was 50 cent! Three weeks without milk, no cereal in the morning, nor my beloved yogurt mixed with fruit, that was tough. We couldn't find milk anywhere, the only time I had some milk was in our hotel on Cayo Coco a few days before and it was made of water and sweet "leche en polvo" which is dry milk powder.

We traveled to Santa Marta one day, which is a little town at the end of Varadero, where we bought some food for the next days and ate the best tortilla sandwiches (for only 40 cent each). We were also lucky to have a local market just around the corner a few days later, so we could buy some exotic fruit. Cuban markets are super interesting, you get to see loads of different people, tropical fruits, rice and beans and also all kinds of meat (which was not really hygienic nor well presented, so I didn't post any pics of it, haha). You get to see some photos of the local market we went to at the end of this post. Hope you get a first impression of Varadero and like the pics ;-) xoxo

Varadero's local market

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