Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cuba Diary - Varadero Beach Time

Hey guys, today I'm gonna take you to Varadero's wonderful, endless white beach. We were so lucky to have it almost right in front of our house, so we didn't have to walk much, haha, even more relaxing. At this time of the year Cuba is fantastic, because there's not much tourism and you got the beach all for yourself. It was so hot that day, almost 40 degrees Celsius so we just couldn't stay away from the water which is amazing in Varadero! Crystal clear, turquoise, refreshing but not too cold, just how I like it! We didn't do much that day, just chilling in the sun, reading some magazines, taking some pics and sipping our first authentic Cuban mojito, yum! Hope the photos make you dream a little, happy Sunday ;-)

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