Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cuba Diary - Lost in the Caribbean

We got lost! And without any effort we just found this stunning oasis! 
On our second day on Cayo Coco, we decided to check out Cayo Guillermo which you've seen in the last post, but we wanted more. After finishing our coconut at the beach, my boyfriend and I decided to take the tourist bus back to Playa Pilar, where we went  the first day, to discover that beach a little more since we really liked it there. Once we arrived we didn't even put down our towels but instead took a walk along the beach to see what's at the end. After climbing some sand mountains we found a path that led us away from the beach, away from the tourism - the destination was pure nature! 

We couldn't believe our luck when we found this magical place you see here on the photos. There was not a single person - just the two of us, some crabs, fishes, water plants and birds, a pelican here and there, and except for that only crystal clear shallow sea. Again I had this feeling that someone just put me in a movie or a screensaver, haha. It looked like we landed in a huge bathtub, amazing blue water, as far as the eye can see! I think this was the moment I fell in love with Cuba! 
We took our time, enjoyed every single step through the warm water, took photos, found crabs and fishes, even an old fisher boat, and just breathed in marveling at this incredibly beautiful yet unbelievable scenery. We never expected to find a tropical place like this that day, it was sheer luck that we found the path at the end of the beach that led us to this hidden spot. It was a true PARADISE, and we had it all for ourselves. The days of traveling in a hot bus, not eating at night, and stomach ache were totally worth all this! This place was definitely my favorite place on Cuba, so abandoned, so tropical, so MAGICAL!

There are seriously no words to express how we felt that moment and the photos surely can't depict what we really saw! Anyway, I hope you like the pics ;-) Take care and stay tuned, xoxo
PS: The fisher boat we saw from a distance brought the huge fishes my boyfriend's holding in the last photo, we didn't catch them ourselves ;-)

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