Friday, April 29, 2016

Costa Rica Diary - Montezuma

Happy Friday, guys! Do you have any great plans for the weekend? I'm staying with my parents for a few days so I'm gonna spend the weekend catching up with my family and some friends, studying and blogging.
Today's post is about Montezuma, a very charming little place on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. A friend of mine who lived in Costa Rica for a while recommended it to me so my boyfriend and I just had to check it out. From La Fortuna we took a public bus to Puntarenas and from there a ferry to Paquera on Peninsula Nicoya. The ferry surely is a good option to get to the peninsula, it's only around $1.70 per person and way more comfortable than a bus. Another bus ride and at night we finally arrived at Montezuma at night. My boyfriend started looking for a hostel while I was waiting at the beach with the luggage. We did it like that most of the time. So he finally found something. We had a simple but cozy room at the hostel Pura Vida, a lovely chill out place with lots of nice people. You'll see some photos at the end of this post. On our first night we didn't do much cause we were pretty exhausted from traveling all day, plus we weren't used to the heat on the Pacific coast and just wanted to relax. So the next day we walked around a little, bought some food at the supermarket and explored the village of Montezuma. I loved the vibes of this place, everything was so colorful and laid-back, the expression 'pura vida' surely matches this spot perfectly.

Later during the day we walked to the waterfall of Montezuma. It was not as big or impressive as the ones we had seen in La Fortuna but equally beautiful. Since it was dry season there wasn't much water flowing but it was still pretty. The Montezuma waterfall is separated into three parts and you can swim in different pools. My boyfriend and I climbed up the hill to get to the third and upper pool from where you could jump down to the lower one. I actually didn't jump because I was afraid to hit some rocks but my boyfriend did and surely had a fantastic time! I went swimming, jumped into the smaller pool and also had a pedicure by some fishes. You know these tiny ones who attack your feet the minute you put them in the water? A lot of spas make money with that, well in Costa Rica you get it for free, haha!

Our day ended at the beach. After so much walking in La Fortuna the last few days and climbing up to the top of the waterfall we were exhausted, even more because it was crazy hot. We found a nice spot at the end of Montezuma's beach with a hammock under the palm trees. So we had some relaxing last hours by the sea before dinner. The bikini I'm wearing is from Mylo Beachwear, a Mallorquin company that makes beautiful handmade crochet beachwear (check out their Instagram here). It's super soft and comfortable and you can perfectly combine it with denim shorts and some casual shirt. I hope you like the photos of our day in Montezuma!

Our hostel Pura Vida

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