Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Cake in Canyamel

Hello you guys, did you all have a great start of the week? I spent Monday working all day on a presentation I'll be holding at a hotel in Mallorca's capital Palma this upcoming Thursday. I'll be talking about my personal story and my blog along with other female entrepreneurs at a networking event so I'm really excited and also a bit nervous this week. Even though I'm surely not the biggest and most professional blogger and have never monetarized my blog I feel so happy and lucky for all the opportunities and people my little blog has brought to my life.

Afternoon in Canyamel

Enough of me for now, today I'm bringing back summer a bit with these photos of a trip to Canyamel I took a few months ago. My friend Mariella and I had a photo shooting in the area that day and decided to combine it with a visit to the small resort town of Canyamel that's located in the east of Mallorca. There's not too much to do and see there except for a nice half sandy, half rocky beach, a few great hotels, a golf course and... a very lovely café called Café Saüc. Thanks to its colorful interior pieces and large inviting terrace the café has a very special charme. We loved simply hanging out there sipping some refreshing drinks (we had a vitamin smoothie and cranberry lemonade) and indulging in a yummy piece of cheesecake. The staff was super friendly and the menu extensive. They have great salad, bagel, cake, snack and drink options. So if you're ever in that area you should definitely swing by!

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