Monday, January 21, 2019

What to do on Menorca

Hello there and happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a great start of the week. Today I'm taking you to Menorca, Mallorca's neighbor island that I love dearly. Menorca is such a paradise, much quieter and more unspoilt. Last spring (can't believe it took me almost a year to post this) I took a trip there with my girls to disconnect and explore the island so here are some tips you might find helpful when you visit the island.

What to do on Menorca

We spent only a weekend on Menorca but had enough time to explore different towns and beaches. I've been to the island a couple of times already (you can check all my Menorca posts here) and always love coming back and discovering new places. My sister, my friends and I got to the island on a Saturday morning by ferry and first went for some breakfast in Ciutadella to charge our batteries for the day. After some food shopping we drove to our little apartment located next to the beautiful Cala Santandria that we rented for the weekend. My sister found a great deal on Booking, we had a modern and cozy little home located just a few meters from the beach you can see in the first photo of this post.

From there we headed to Cala Turqueta which is supposed to be a great beach with gorgeous turquoise water. It was indeed very nice but also windy that day so the water wasn't too clear. That's why we didn't stay too long but headed to Cala Pregonda on the other side of the island instead. I had been to this magical place before so I just had to show it to my friends. The water there is amazing and the beach is never too crowded. You have to walk there for about half an hour, it's a very enjoyable walk though, until you can relax in the golden sand. After chilling there for a bit we went home because it got quite late and cold and we had planned cooking dinner at home. So we just spent a cozy night in planning our next day.

Coffee Time in Mahón

On our second day we were again very lucky, the sun was shining most of the time. Thus we decided to drive to Menorca's capital Mahón for a coffee and some exploring. Most shops and restaurants were closed on that Sunday but the Pipet & Co Café Lab was fortunately open so we could escape the cold winds and enjoy some hot drinks and coziness for a bit. In the afternoon we headed to the lovely little town of Binibequer. I had been there before and fell in love with the whitewashed houses and narrow alleys back then. Binibequer is just such a charming place with its very own character. We walked through the small village for a bit and eventually drove back to Ciutadella where we ended our day with a yummy sandwich and a visit to the beautiful Cala en Brut. This cove is for sure a special one with its crystal clear water and sundecks between the rocks. If you're spending the day in Ciutadella and have some time left you should definitely stop by this stunning cove, it's only a five-minute drive away. I hope you enjoyed this post, more Mallorca and also New York tips are coming soon!

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