Monday, October 1, 2012

Worship Everything

Call it morbid, pessimistic or just awkward, but I always leave the house with one thought in my mind: What if I get overrun by a bus tomorrow? First of all, there is no particular reason why I am thinking of a bus (it could also be a Lamborghini or Maybach), secondly that does not mean that I see life from a very pessimistic perspective. Far from it! I try very hard to enjoy every single day I get to spend in this wonderful city called New York. I generally try to make the most of life, not only in the Big Apple but all over the place. So please, my lovely readers, keep in mind: You only live once, so live accordingly!
Today I am taking you to Long Island City's waterfront, an adorable part of Queens, where the East River Ferry took me, what an adventurous ride! As an incredibly clumsy person I fell on the ferry (literally landing on my face) which made it even more adventurous - thank God that never happened to me on a first date! I was rewarded richly for the fall though, Long Island City's wonderful park by the East River provided me with spectacular views of Manhattan's skyline and the famous Pepsi Cola sign. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed this pretty special trip!

The Freedom Tower proudly rises up in the sky

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