Monday, May 20, 2013

There's three of Us!

Hey there, you already had the pleasure to meet my wonderful elder sister Nina on my blog but have you ever seen my younger one? I guess not, maybe that's because I haven't seen her in two years! Yep, there's three of us - unbelievable, 24 months in New York without the little one! Two years later we're all a little older, all a little wiser, all a little more grown-up, with the youngest one being the tallest now.
Well, now that I'm back in Germany my family's reunited again (at least for a while) until we all decide to leave the super exciting little village we live in once for all. I wanna see so much more of this world, travel to every single continent and discover as many different cultures as possible cause you know... once you have seen a different world you always long for more adventures!

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