Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kanye on Long Island

Dear readers, my sister and I just called a hotline trying to win a trip to the Caribbean that we saw on tv... this is how bored we are in Germany sometimes :-D Surprise, it didn't work out (not even after the third time) so I guess we have to stay here for a bit. At least it gives me some time to work on my blog, I know you love to hear about our New York City adventures! 
The pictures you see here were taken on a quite rainy day, guess my drenched sister was pretty annoyed after shooting for over an hour in the rain. We still had so much fun though and I dearly miss the fabulous times we had in New York. That day I decided to take a couple pictures of my sister's beautiful  neighborhood on Long Island. One amazing mansion after the other and such relaxing beaches, who doesn't dream of living in a place like that?

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