Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Manhattan's coolest Neighborhood

Hey guys, I'm sorry for being quite aloof lately, I'm incredibly busy working and going on adventures I can blog about ;-) In addition to that my laptop broke last week so I had to get a new one, sucks! I was just about to save money for a hopefully upcoming trip to Greece! Even though Germany is trying to impress me with its endless sunshine, I'm still craving for an ocean, beaches and something new to experience!
So as long as I'm in Germany, you will still get to see some pictures of the most diverse city in this world - New York! This time I'm posting about the infamous Lower East Side, one of my favorite neighboorhods in Manhattan due to its incredible coolness. I always love strolling through this part of Manhattan because it's so different from the others, so laid-back and not packed with tourists. You can not only find one-of-a-kind museums and shops there but also fabulous restaurants and the hottest clubs in town, like the EMM Groups newest nightlife venue Finale! Hope you enjoy the photos!
PS: Do you remember that I once told you I found a coffin on the street in this neighborhood? This time I spotted a dollhouse on the Lower East Side, awkward!

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