Monday, May 13, 2013

Welcome to the Land of Fame Excess, Am I gonna fit in?

Welcome to the United States of America - the stars and stripes, the melting pot, the land of liberty... it's up to you how you call these fifty magnificent states but I'm pretty sure we all agree, they are fabulous! There's an indefinite number of things to see in the USA, so many different landscapes, cultures and people! Before I came to New York over two years ago I didn't expect much, I planned to take advantage of my time in the US but I never anticipated this!
After two years I've been to nine states myself visiting all the famous and most diverse cities, each one of them being a dream come true. I traveled to Nevada, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and many more, to broaden my horizons and see all different parts of the country. And there are still a lot more I have to visit!
The first state I've been to was New York of course, my beloved home... the last one was New Jersey, an unforgettable trip to Atlantic City. In between I spent a couple relaxing weeks in sunny California - Los Angeles and San Diego are both insanely beautiful and laid-back. I took a weekend trip to Vegas, spent a week in Florida's enchanting Disney World, educated myself while visiting one cultural metropolis after the other such as Washington D.C., Boston and Philadelphia, chilled at the Jersey Shore, and had an extremely splendid time in Miami and Chicago.
Now that I'm writing this post I realize how much I have really seen while living in the United States, how exciting my life became and how enriching all these experiences were, memories no one could ever take away... the United States of America, where wonderland is your destiny!

Los Angeles

 Las Vegas

Vegas by Night


San Diego

Washington D.C.



Atlantic City



Jersey Shore


  1. Omg I loved this post and how you to chose to layout the photos plus you look stunning in every single one!

    Extremely jealous that you've visited so many states esp Nevada...

    Your no1 London fan ;-) xx

  2. Wow, ich finds beeindruckend wo du schon überall herum gekommen bist. Wie ists eigentlich dazu gekommen? Hast du nebenbei dort gearbeitet, so travel-and-work-mäßig oder war das einfach so zum "Auszeit nehmen"?
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Uuaaaaaaah also der Aufzug in Chicago macht mir Angst! :o) Tolle Collagen! xx

  4. You are so lucky! I would love to go to america, especially California!

    Corinne x

  5. The photos are really beautiful, fun and inspiring. Its great to travel to broaden one's knowledge.


  6. Great pictures, love the post. Check out our blog if you like we can follow each other on GFC and BLOGLOVIN. Let us know. Kisses from KENYA

  7. wow wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how lucky you areeee!!! you don't know how much I wanna visit USA!!!!
    I just found your blog and I love it!
    You look always amazing on your outfits
    and the content of your blog is very cool!!!
    Check my blog if you want as well and keep in touch:)
    Kisses from Greece


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