Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hey Soulsisters

In case you were wondering what I've been doing the last couple weeks in Germany... I've been reading a couple books (right now it's Forrest Gump - never watched the movie), I've been working on my blog a lot, I've had a paint party with one of my girls (you'll get to see the masterpiece soon), I've been chilling in the sun (I'm impressed, Germany!), doing a lot of stuff with my family and working a lot - hard work pays off, I'm going to Spain on Monday, woohoo!
My sister and I also went to see one of my best friends to do some sightseeing in her area - sightseeing in my home country, haha! We've had a wonderful time checking out the Hermann Monument, yep, the guy with the sword you can see here, almost the Statue of Liberty's size! We also explored the extremely relaxing forests in that area, discovered huge cliffs, tiny restaurants and beautiful landscapes. More photos next time, enjoy!

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