Friday, May 17, 2013

My Week through... oops, I don't have Instagram!

Dear readers, lately I've been thinking a lot about getting an instagram account to promote my blog a little more. I haven't created it yet because first of all I'm missing a smartphone and second, I feel like there are millions of my pictures on the internet already so I don't really feel the need to attack you with more photos. In addition to that I'm not the biggest fan of social media - I have less than 200 friends on facebook (and know all of them personally!) and don't even use twitter, instagram and Co. I don't really see much sense in having 1.600 friends plus on facebook, people easily cherish the illusion of being super important or having a magnificent social life which is most often not the case. Having an enormous amount of "fake" friends doesn't make you a VIP, neither do these people know your real personality nor show any interest in helping you out with severe problems. Anyway, a lot of people are really into getting thousands of "likes", I've seen so many browsing through instagram on their iPhones liking one instagram pic after the other, no matter how ugly the person on the picture or how bad the photo's quality is... what for?!?
Guys, I know instagram would be a great option to keep you posted on my daily life, that way you wouldn't have to wait for me to come up with new posts on my blog. However, I already created a facebook fan page for that, where I post more pictures than on my blog.
So what do you think? Do you wanna see more of my seemingly exciting life or are you already fed up with my New York City adventures? Would love to get some feedback!
For now, you get to see some pics of my "German lifestyle", I feel like there's been going on a lot of stuff since I got back to my home country, for example a TYGA concert, a motorcycle race, and a trip to my best friend's place. Here we go, say cheese, you're on instagram! #hatesocialmedia

TYGA in action

LA feeling

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