Thursday, May 2, 2013

A New Yorker Moment Part II

Hey guys, you all know how much I adore taking photos of my beloved city New York and the adventures I have there. I suppose I'm pretty good at taking pictures of the most famous New Yorker buildings but also shots of tiny details on the streets that no one notices, such as stickers, graffitis or other ridiculously strange things - I once bumped into a coffin on the Lower East Side, not kidding!
However, I started loving a different kind of photography so much more when I received the most wonderful birthday present ever last year - my SLR camera. Boom, People photography has become my new passion! Capturing people interacting is simply more fulfilling than taking pictures of beautiful but inanimate buildings. Thus, you will get to see a lot more pictures of real New Yorkers!
I regularly get lost in capturing these unique moments, you know, when a girl is sitting in a cafĂ© on a beautiful day, enjoying the warm sunlight and reminiscing about all the wonderful things she has so far achieved in her life or maybe she is thinking about her glorious future (ok, maybe she doesn't reflect at all but just relaxes from a stressful day at her job instead).
New York City shelters so many different human beings - each person one-of-a-kind -  an endless number of expressive faces, casual or fashionable outfits, people leaving work, relaxing on the street or even getting their shoes cleaned (love the first picture). So many casual but also deep relationships in such a small space... relationships for the moment, for only a few minutes or for a lifetime! So many special moments to capture - this is NEW YORK!

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