Thursday, June 13, 2013

A pink Top, a Cactus, and a very special Blogger

Since I have left New York in December 2012, I haven't really felt like I settled down anywhere... I lived in Germany for about two months, went back to the Big Apple for 5 weeks and now I live in Spain - how awesome is that? I basically lived in one of the biggest and most fabulous cities of the world, then in the countryside and now at the beach, can't really believe it sometimes. I kinda feel like a globetrotter, a little lost but always excited about what is about to come next.
Some people seem to be pretty curious about my life and are always excited when I'm coming up with new posts about my adventures. One of them is my fellow blogger and dear reader Jacqueline Davis Moranti, the wonderful owner of burgundywhispers. She just recently posted about me and portrayed me with the help of a gorgeous illustration, check her fabulous post by clicking here! This girl is not just a very talented artist but also an extraordinarily fashionable blogger. I tried to meet up with her when I spent a couple weeks in NYC in spring but it unfortunately didn't work out. However, for me it's always interesting and very enriching to see someone else's perception of my blog since I can never really tell whether people reading it like it or not. So Jacqueline, thank you very much, girl, you have incredible abilities that you should pursue for sure! Guys, make sure, to check her blog!
Today you get to see some pictures of my sister and I getting lost in Pollença, the beautiful city we're staying in. A cactus here and there, magnificent houses and stunning views wherever you look - this is Mallorca and I looove it!

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