Friday, June 21, 2013

All I see is Blue

Looking through the latest posts of my mediterranean adventures I noticed that my photos pretty much look like postcards. It's such a sensual delight taking pictures of the beautifully clear ocean, various landscapes and Spanish houses, that I regularly shoot more than 500 pictures a day... that's a whole lotta blog material!
Mallorca is such a stunning island that spoils me with endless sunshine, about 30 degrees (in the shade), and one unforgettable event after the other.
Not only do I spend my days on beaches, horses and boats but also on my laptop to keep you posted. Enjoy these pictures of Formentor!


  1. Das sind so wunderschöne Fotos! Wirklich wie auf Postkarten :) Ich find's schön, dass Mallorca nicht nur als die "Ballermanninsel" besucht wird sondern dass man dort auch wirklich tolle Kultur und Landschaften entdecken kann!
    Küsschen <3

  2. MAAAAAAAAAAAH! Du Arschloch. Ich möchte auf der Klippe vom vorletzten Bild stehen und vor lauter Verzückung ins blaue Meer weinen.

  3. Oh ich will auch! :)
    Viel Spaß noch dort!

  4. Gorgeous photos like always : ) And I agree, your pictures definitely DO look like postcards!! Or straight out of some fancy travel magazine. Very jealous!


  5. beautiful photos!
    love your look

  6. Tolle Bilder :) und danke für den Pull&Bear Tip. Hab in Berlin schwer zugeschlagen :)


  7. Schöne Bilder :)

  8. Hi dear
    It shows that you are having a nice time on the island!!so cool!!I wanted to recommend you so many places to visit but i see that you are a great tourist!
    I live in Palma if you need something or you feel like meeting tell me things!
    Take care


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