Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Forget all your Troubles

So two days ago I arrived in Spain at midnight... what a dream! I've been to this wonderful island called Mallorca before. I've actually been here a couple times because part of my family lives here, all the way across the island far from the tourism, which is amazing! So far my sister and I have had a fabulous time exploring Mallorca's capital Palma and catching up on our New Yorker adventures with my uncle and aunt. I just got back from a bike tour now, one's gotta stay in shape ;-) Tomorrow we'll head to the beach, yay, I'm so excited!
For now you still get to see some pictures from Germany. Another post about our adventurous trip to my best friend's place who showed us the Externsteine, a wonderfully distinctive rock formation where you can take fabulous pictures, check it out!


  1. Tolle Bilder :)
    Gegen Spanien h├Ątte ich jetzt auch nichts :D

  2. wow this is such a fantastic location! you guys have really cool outfits too! love casual + sporty <3

    check out my new blog post featuring mixed outfits!

  3. Nice one! I love those photos :))


  4. love the location and all the pictures! you're all super beautiful too <3

    would you like to follow each other?

  5. Love your top darling, it's amazing! Your blog and style also and you are so pretty! Thank you so much for that lovely comment you left on my blog, I really appreciate it xx

  6. Great outfits :) Summer time :)

  7. Oh this reminds a little of my first time in Spain! I hope u are having fun and also thank you so much for your lovely comment! I think your blog is so fly!!!

  8. Sehr coole Fotos! Das Auto ist ja wohl ein absolutes Highlight! Nostalgie pur <3

  9. Have fun in Spain! (well I'm sure u will)

  10. What a cute outfit, looks like you're having an amazing time (:
    I'm following you now, maybe you can follow me back?

    Love, Liese

  11. Great post with beautiful pics!
    I love your blog, so I'm your new follower;)hope u would like to follow me too;)
    thanks for the comment on my blog;)
    Keep in touch!
    Kisses x

  12. Funny pics and great looks!

  13. me encanta el blog!!! :D
    joo te sigo sin duda jijij
    te dejo el mio por si quieres echarle un ojo

  14. All cute looks, especially love your sweater:) I cant wait to visit Spain, on my places to visit list.

  15. You are such a stunner!! Now you 100% have to come to London, haha. Have an amazing time in Mallorca! xx

    P.s. I bought the 1st dress and it's perfect! :-)

  16. Hey Laura... how is life in NY? What was the reason to move there? Did you go on your one? So many questions from good old germany ;)

    vreeni again

  17. your style and blog are great!

  18. These are amazing photos!! :D you all look great!


  19. Wow gorgeous photos and beautiful places you visited!!!

    Christina xx


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