Saturday, June 29, 2013

Life is a Beach

I wish it was as simple as that! Beachy mood all day, every day! The blue sea, the crystal clear water, the white sand, and umbrellas in wonderfully popping colors - if this ain't a great life! 
I truly do understand why people living in Mediterranean countries are so much nicer and way more relaxed than my German fellas - it must be the sun for sure!
Since I got to Mallorca there was not one day that I didn't feel happy. Don't get me wrong, New York will always remain my second home and an unbeatable city to live in but, hell yeah, Mallorca is extremely close to that mysterious place you call paradise! Even though I am working in between and also applying to universities here and there, I am super relaxed no matter what I do. And even if I don't spend my day at the beach, just walking the beautiful cities at night, accompanied by the warm summer breeze and the sound of chirping crickets, makes me feel joyful and perfectly happy! Indulge in these marvelous pictures!

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