Saturday, June 29, 2013

Life is a Beach

I wish it was as simple as that! Beachy mood all day, every day! The blue sea, the crystal clear water, the white sand, and umbrellas in wonderfully popping colors - if this ain't a great life! 
I truly do understand why people living in Mediterranean countries are so much nicer and way more relaxed than my German fellas - it must be the sun for sure!
Since I got to Mallorca there was not one day that I didn't feel happy. Don't get me wrong, New York will always remain my second home and an unbeatable city to live in but, hell yeah, Mallorca is extremely close to that mysterious place you call paradise! Even though I am working in between and also applying to universities here and there, I am super relaxed no matter what I do. And even if I don't spend my day at the beach, just walking the beautiful cities at night, accompanied by the warm summer breeze and the sound of chirping crickets, makes me feel joyful and perfectly happy! Indulge in these marvelous pictures!


  1. You are so beautiful!! You have amazing style! I love him! :)

    Visit my blog

  2. Da hast du sowas von Recht! Ich habe selbst ein halbes Jahr in Spanien gelebt und man war wirklich jeden Tag glücklich und hat sich über die Sonne gefreut!
    In Deutschland sieht man dafür oft grau, Regen und schlechte Laune :(

  3. Hi dear!
    How long are you going to stay in Mallorca?
    What have you visited so far?you should go to Soller and valldemosa,sa calobra,es trenc....
    If you need any help please contact to me

  4. Haha naja Mallorca ist doch auch wunderschön : ) Mein Baliurlaub ist leider schon wieder vorbei war aber wirklich wundervoll, leider ist so ein Urlaub ja nicht allzu oft drin. Die Bilder sind wirklich super schön und Mensch hast du ne tolle Figur : ) Ist wirklich klasse, wie schnell so ein bisschen Sonnenschein die Stimmung hebt.

  5. beautiful pictures! You are pretty women!:)

    Follow each other (GFC or bloglovin)?

    Kisses from Poland!

  6. Tolle Bilder! Ich würde auch gern mal wieder irgendwo hin wo es warum ist :)

  7. awww love the pics!
    great post!
    Thanks for visiting my blog;)
    Kisses x

  8. Was für wunderschöne Bilder und du hast wirklich eine Traumfigur! Wie gerne wäre ich jetzt auch am Strand :-)
    Fashion Beauty by Kristina

  9. I really like the back of the pinky bikini xx
    Very cool pics xx

  10. gorgeous pictures!
    love your bikini top

  11. Wunderschöne Bilder <3 Ich wäre jetzt auch gerne am Meer. In Deutschland ist echt schlechtes Wetter
    Du hast übrigens jetzt einen neuen Follower bei GFC .)
    Vielleicht hast du ja Lust mir auch zu folgen! Würde mich freuen.
    ganz liebe Grüße

  12. vielen Dank meine Liebe!
    Und du bist nach New york gezogen? Das ist ja super interessant :)
    Warum? Und bleibst du jetzt immer dort oder nur vorübergehend??

  13. Just when I thought I couldn't become anymore envious of your life! I've been loving these Mallorca posts and that first photo is stunning - I've got a bad case of wanderlust again!


  14. hey hun!!!
    I just found your blog and I love it!
    You look always amazing on your outfits
    and the content of your blog is very cool!!!
    Check my blog if you want as well and keep in touch:)
    Kisses from Greece

  15. i wish i was on holidasy!
    Following you now!

    hope you visit my blog & follow too if you like :)
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  16. beautiful!:)

  17. Amazing photos!
    It seems you had a lovely time!
    Mallorca seems beautiful!

    Have a lovely day :-)


    Piera Anastasia

  18. This look certainly works for you! It's a perfect swimsuit, so I understand why you love wearing this outfit so much. I love your hair in these pictures by the way!

    des bisous
    (>^o^<) Adeline

  19. WOW!!! Really Beautiful Pics!!! LOve this so much!!!

  20. Sehr hübsche Bilder!!

    Liebste Grüße


  21. It looks so fun! I am rooting for you to go to college in Majorca :) Don't know if you applied but it sounds like a dream! I myself went to grad school in NYC and now think I wish I'd gone someplace more laid back, haha.

    xo Mary Jo

  22. beautiful holiday impressions.makes me want to go to the beach immediately.
    your bikini is so super cute

  23. Sooo schön! Ein Tarum! hach da wäre ich jetzt auch gern :)

  24. I can't believe on my eyes after see this beautiful scene..It just amazing or one of the best place that i ever choose or want to spend my whole vacation at here..

  25. Very beautiful places and this beach. You looking gorgeous in this swimsuit. After reading your this post I am also planning to visit Mallorca.


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