Friday, June 7, 2013

The sweet Side of Life

Dear fellow candy-lovers, this post is dedicated to one of my favorite spots on the wonderful island called Manhattan - Dylan's Candy Bar! 
This is already the second time I'm posting about this insanely cute store that was created by Ralph Lauren's famous daughter Dylan, obviously a true candy lover (check out my first post about this store by clicking here).
Anytime I come to this store I feel like someone dropped me of at paradise! Surrounded by heavenly candy creations, the sweetest chocolate bars, and all kinds of jelly beans and lollipops, I always find myself wondering how much different types of candy this world holds. Anytime I had friends coming to New York, this was one of the first places I showed them, so make sure you will check it out whenever you come to the Big Apple!
May each step you take be sweet!


  1. OMG those candies are a temptation. I'm following you on GFC and bloglovin. Keep in touch.


  2. Ohhh wooow, this is really a paradise for me :o)

    Lovely greetz from germany.

    Ina :*

  3. i love candy stores!! they are just pretty to look at! i have a new post up, i'd love to know what you think x

  4. ahhh I love the candy store!! so colorful and tempting :)

  5. love candy :D
    and i followed back on gfc/bloglovin :)

  6. Oh god, this is what heaven looks like!
    Love to go there if I ever visit NYC again (:

    Love, Liese

  7. i love these kind of posts, great photos!



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