Saturday, June 1, 2013

T-Raw, this is the new Flavor in ya Ear

Dear readers, there are just a very few events in my area I'd like to attend... very few, or let's say none! As I told you in my last post we went to see my New Yorker soulmate Yasemin to check out the fabulous area of Germany she lives in... and because we hadn't seen each other since our trip to New York in April.
So Yasemin has a pretty cool club near her home - fancy d├ęcor, some swagga music, fun events. The best thing about this club is... TYGA, the self-proclaimed "Last King",  descended to German ground to show the club-goers how the real OG's do it in the USA.
Whaaat, the Californian Tyga in Germany? Awesome for us, since we've been listening to Tyga for over two years already. He came to promote his new album "Hotel California" and believe me - he's short, hot, fashionable, and rocked that stage!
Magnificent concert, as a true show-stopper he performed all his most famous songs, just like Rack City, Dope, Faded, Do my Dance, Molly and Hijack! He even got some girls onstage to dance with him who consequently had a heart attack... dear Tyga, if you ever read this, your security picked the weirdest looking Germans, please don't think that we all look like that! I'm so sorry to say this, but there were way more incredible looking girls in that crowd!
So our wicked rapper performed over 45 minutes until we almost passed out, sick show! Thank you God always!


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