Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sa Calobra, what a Dream!

So you're on this fabulous island called Mallorca, you wake up every single day with the sunshine, spend most of your time at the beach, do some tanning here and there, and go swimming hoping that you'll get even more in shape for summer. But what if the sun decides not to show up?...
There are plenty of opportunities to have a memorable, insanely cool day without stopping by one of Mallorca's gorgeous beaches. Thank God, we've just had a few cloudy days since the beginning of my vaca. One of them was last Tuesday, a great chance to get to know other parts of the island such as the Serra de Tramuntana, a beautiful mountain range running across Mallorca, which was also awarded World Heritage Status by the UNESCO.
I can only recommend it to you, whenever you have the privilege to visit this magnificent island, make sure to either go hiking, rock climbing or coastering here.You will get stunning views, physically challenging adventures and the most relaxing abandoned places as a reward!
Sa Calobra, a wonderfully quiet bay that provides you with the most impressive nature, is only one of the fabulous hidden spots in the Serra de Tramuntana, so make sure to stop by!


  1. love the pics!
    kisses x

  2. Sooo schöne Bilder. Bin begeistert. Ich liebe das erste Bild!!!



  3. Tolle Bilder :)
    Bei dir bekommt man immer total Fernweh :D

  4. Umm, can we trade lives? That sounds like the most amazing schedule in the world!!! The mountains are gorgeous, they look fake. Love the gold chain watch. Very chic : )


  5. Wow! Amazing place!



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