Thursday, August 1, 2013

May all your Wishes come true

Hey guys, by now you all know how much I love my sisters (mom and dad clearly did a great job). So you can most likely understand that we do everything for each other, especially when it comes to celebrating birthdays!
Three weeks ago was my elder sister Nina's birthday and she surely deserves a fabulous party. Thus we all planned an insanely fun trip to an amusement park here in Germany called Movie Park. Since we are obsessed with thrilling rides (get the proof here - at Six Flags in New Jersey), we just had to put my sister into a rollercoaster on her birthday. As if that's not enough we had a wonderful birthday garden party with all her friends, a classy pink party with glitter and delicious cocktails, and marvelous presents, just like girls love it! The night ended in one of our favorite clubs, Rush Hour, where we partied until sunrise - I'd say that was a pretty succesful celebration! So today you get to see loads of birthday snapshots, enjoy!

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