Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Art is the only Way to run away without leaving Home

The title "Art is the only Way to run away without leaving Home" literally matches the content of this post. Last Friday I had the chance to visit Can Monroig, an incredibly arty house in Inca's former Jewish quarter.
An acquaintance took us to this beautiful house that his friends own and also rent for concerts and festivals. The entire building is a masterpiece of interior design - the walls, floors, doors, sculptures and most importantly furniture - every single thing that decorates this house is a piece of art of its own. The artists don't only live there but also use it as a warehouse for antique furniture and their own creations.Whenever you come to Mallorca, make sure to stop by - I promise, art lovers will be overwhelmed!
PS: Check out their wonderful website by clicking here!

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