Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back in Paradise

Hey guys, I'm sorry for being quite aloof lately, I got back to Mallorca last Wednesday and as you can imagine I've had many things to do and many friends to catch up with. I'm having a fabulous time so far, last week we celebrated the Patrona, an insanely exciting and colorful festival that took place in Pollença. We also had a birthday dinner at the beach (amazing sunset inclusive), and some friends from Germany came to visit.
For this post I mixed up a couple pictures of my last Mallorca trip in June that I had left, a little bit of everything - the villages, a soccer game, graffitis, and a wonderful fair! 
You know I "adore" Germany, but summer is definitely more enjoyable right at the beach, thus I couldn't resist to spend my last few weeks of freedom (hello, university!) on Mallorca. Enjoy the pics :-)

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