Thursday, August 22, 2013

Do You know why I adore Boat Trips so much?

Hey guys, do you know why I adore boat trips so much?
Because you can completely forget about all your troubles, you're not worried about anything, and the open sea makes it easy for you to stop thinking for a while. Instead you get carried away by the vast ocean, the joyfully splashing waves and the endless sunshine. Plus, far away from all the tourism's hustle and bustle you can entirely relieve stress, relax and do nothing but enjoy the fresh air as well as the sound of waves - not that I spend my precious vacation time in tourist packed places, but you know, they are everywhere at this time of the year!
I was so excited when one of my Mallorquin friends took me and my girls on a boat ride, I even got the chance to play captain for a while, woohoo! We went to Coll Baix, a beautiful cove hidden in the mountains, and spent our day diving, eating loads of fresh fruits and tanning before sailing back to the harbor and into the sunset.
And THIS is why I love taking a cruise so much. What a life!

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