Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I wish that I could have this Moment for Life

Hey guys, first of all I am super upset that I don't live in Brooklyn anymore cause I clearly missed some amazingly, eehm, dubious performances at MTV's Video Music Awards at Barclays Center (I'm pretty sure you know what lady I'm talking about). Last year I had the pleasure to see Hova in person at his inaugural concert when Barclay's Center opened (check out the Jay Z post here), and it was sheer incredible!
However, I am lucky enough to have spent my entire summer on Mallorca, what a dream! Today you get to see some snapshots of my trip to Formentor, where you can climb loads of mountains that eventually spoil you with the most stunning views over the island's northern tip. A magnificent blue wherever you look and an amazingly idyllic scenery that astonishes you until the sun finally goes down. Make sure to check out this breathtaking place!


  1. beautiful photos!

    wanna follow each other?

  2. Yeah, being in NY for the VMA's wouldve been pretty crazy! Once again you make me so jealous that I'm stuck in boring Seattle. I especially love the fourth picture where you can see the town and all the boats in the water. So picturesque!


  3. Beautiful views and photos! WOW :)


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