Sunday, August 25, 2013

I hear your Heart Beat to the Beat of the Drums

When I travel I always get to experience the weirdest and most incredible things. Some of my Mallorca highlights included getting stung by a jellyfish (hurts like hell), having a wonderfully romantic dinner on a terrace with the most stunning view over Alcudia's harbor at midnight (home-made flambĂ©ed ice cream, yummy, Spanish men can cook), cruising around on a quad bike, watching the sunset over Formentor (next post!), being carried around by pirates and last but not least, having a photo shoot in a studio! 
I had the luck to work with the New Yorker singer Paul Collins, who is not only a world traveller who studied at Julliard, but also an incredibly talented singer and a really fun companion to hang out with. I am so grateful that we got to work with him!
Paul, who happens to love Mallorca as much as I do, invited us to shoot some pictures in a studio in Palma where we got to meet his band and listen to his new song. It was my first time in a recording studio so my sister and I had an excellent day trying out the drums, posing and just joking around with our new pals. Check out Paul's website here.
Rock on!

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