Friday, August 16, 2013

The happiest People don't have the best of Everything - they just make the best of Everything

Hey guys, maybe you've been wondering what my life looked like the last couple weeks. Since I went back to Mallorca it has been pretty entertaining - both relaxing and exciting - as you can imagine!
First of all, my friends and I had a fabulous time celebrating the Patrona of Pollença, a wonderfully crazy Mallorquin tradition, a festival that is celebrated every year at the beginning of August and includes pirates and Christians fighting against each other, that's totally my thing!
Furthermore I have been on two relaxing boat trips, explored my favorite place Sa Calobra a little more, hung out by the beach, did some diving, had a photo shooting, and so on... you know my life resembles a constant vacation at times ;-) Enjoy the black and white remix!

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